It is all about imagination...


I was trained in jewellery design at the Lahti Institute of Design’s School of Goldsmiths, graduating in 1997. Today I work as an entrepreneur. I plan and create my own designs and custom-made orders.

Throughout my professional career, I have wondered in the worlds of a goldsmith, jewellery designer and artist, without ever really feeling the sense of fully belonging in any of these worlds. During my first ten years, I was working hard to make it in the industry while trying to find my own style at the same time.

As a newly graduated designer, I was employed by Marja Suna. I was making challenging yet interesting jewellery based on Marja’s designs. I greatly admired her continuous passion for design and dreamed of one day finding a similar creative state myself.
For a long time, I had a feeling inside of me that I could not fully express in the way that I wanted to. I had plenty of ideas, but the execution never quite worked. Finally, my colleague Kristian Saarikorpi introduced me to the 3D modelling technique, which opened a whole new world for me. By utilising this technique, I was able to realise my jewellery designs down to the finest detail. The sky was my only limit and I let my imagination fly.

In 2009, one of my greatest dreams in the field of design came true as I joined the design team of the jewellery brand Lumoava. You can explore Lumoava’s collection here.

Glass fusing has been a beloved hobby of mine for 15 years already. In addition to designing jewellery, glass fusing has been an important way of channeling my art. With a grant received at the beginning of 2020 from the Finnish Cultural Foundation, I was able to concentrate on working with glass for six months, inspired by my jewellery world. During this time, I got the spark to continue working in the world of glass more passionately than ever. In the future, my portfolio will include glass designs in addition to my jewellery designs.


Can there be too much beauty in the world? I don’t think so. I guess aesthetics is an end in itself for me. As the world is full of harrowing things, I want to use my designs to spread beauty around me. Beauty also brings peace to my otherwise restless soul. A piece of jewellery that is carefully and beautifully designed tells its own story and reminds us of the amount of beauty and goodness in our lives.

I hope that my designs reflect the happiness, positive power and balance that live inside of me. My imagination is powered by the world of fairy tales and fantasy of books and movies. My designs are rich in detail and often shaped into small pieces of art that reflect my style through fairy tales and fantasy.

The two videos below exhibit my world in more detail.

You can view my portfolio here.

...and creativity


The video we made about Carina inspires the viewer, captures the world of her jewellery designs and form of expression as well as creates visual networks through which the viewer can connect with her creative expert soul for a brief moment. Beauty from daily life, work and products was added in – without forgetting the surrounding world. This is how Carina’s story was born. Strategiatoimisto Deego

Short film

The short film Carina – In Search of Inspiration describes the jewellery designer Carina Blomqvist’s inspiration behind her designs and explains how jewellery further inspires other artists to create their own designs.

Producer & Director: Nina Maaninka, University of Lapland.
Music: Annina Antinranta